RJ Palano Advice: Georgia Houses What Not To Buy

April 28, 2015

In the video below RJ Palano, a professional real estate investor for over 30 years has some advice on what properties to say yes and no to.

If you need to Sell Your House Fast Carrollton City Georgia RJ is the guy you want to help get the deal done. He is looking out for your best interests so that it’s a stress free process and both parties win in the deal.  There could be several reasons why you are looking to sell your home, below are just a few you may be facing:

1. You are relocating- This happens more often then you think, when you took a job in another state things tend to move quickly and you may just need to get a deal done.

2. Can’t Afford To Repair The Place- You may be living in an older home that gives you issue after issue. That’s ok it’s time for an upgrade, RJ makes many deals for homes in as is condition!

3. Debt Issues- You may just need to pay off debts to stop those pesky collections from blowing up your phone everyday.

4. Divorce- This is probably one of the main issues for people needing to sell their house right away. Divorce can be stressful, selling your house and splitting ways in the long run could solve a lot of financial woes in the process.

No matter what kind of issue you may be facing, there are many Real Estate Investors out there looking to make deals happen. The issue with this is there are many newbs in the industry who will just waste your time, make sure to go with someone experienced. We Buy Houses In Georgia at the moment, if you are looking to sell we want to make you a cash offer so that you can move on with your life.